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Tori Powell, FNP-C

Cardiovascular Nurse Practitioner

Born with a passion for healing and a heart full of empathy, Tori Powell embarked on her nursing career with a mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. She pursued a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from The University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Nursing and quickly gained hands-on experience. After graduation, she accepted a job as an intensive care unit nurse in the Mississippi Delta caring for the most critically ill patients. As Tori honed her skills, she recognized the importance of advancing her education to provide even more comprehensive care. She embarked on the challenging yet rewarding path to becoming a Nurse Practitioner, earning a Master of Science in Nursing degree, also from The University of Mississippi Medical Center School of Nursing, with a specialization in Family Medicine. Her background as a Nurse Practitioner includes an esteemed career in Women’s Health, and now, Cardiovascular Medicine with a focus on preventative and cardiometabolic health. Throughout her career, Tori Powell has demonstrated exceptional clinical expertise, a commitment to evidence-based practice, a love of learning, and a deep dedication to patient advocacy for all patients, especially health disparities. She has played a pivotal role in improving healthcare outcomes, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, and addressing the evolving healthcare needs of our rural community. Tori’s unwavering dedication to promoting health, preventing illness, and providing holistic care exemplifies the very essence of what it means to be a Nurse Practitioner.