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About Us

To educate and provide access to quality health care to all. Every person should be afforded the right to safe, accessible, timely, compassionate care, and affordable treatment with equitable outcomes. 

Dr. Foluso Fakorede moved to the Mississippi Delta in 2015 and started Cardiovascular Solutions of Central Mississippi with a mission to educate and provide access to quality health care for all. Dr. Fakorede utilizes his platform to educate and raise awareness of issues that have generational consequences for the human race. He has become a national voice in the fight against the impact of health disparity in underserved communities.

In 2018, as part of a congressional delegation, Dr. Fakorede testified on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., regarding the epidemic of peripheral arterial disease and spearheading a “sprint to zero amputation campaign” with policy actions proposed to stop unnecessary amputations. In October 2018, Dr. Fakorede traveled to Cuba as part of the Congressional Delegation (CODEL) to discuss the impact of diabetes management on the peripheral arterial disease pandemic. Dr. Fakorede has established partnerships with lawmakers, community, industry, university, and faith-based stakeholders to facilitate cardiovascular education, promote nutrition coaching, highlight social determinants of health, improve access to quality care, and engendering trust in underserved communities. These preventative initiatives, aggressive screening adaptations, and quality intervention strategies have led Dr. Fakorede to decrease amputation rates by 88% over a four-year period at his site of service in the Mississippi Delta. Dr. Fakorede considers his M.D. title as an apron of humility, as a patient advocate and a community champion in his daily plight to be the voice of the voiceless. 

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